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Sep 2nd - DRC Tourney Announcement

Gather all, the first tourney to decide the faith of the underworld is upon you! The detailed announcement will be coming next week. Mean while, this week is the final MU Event week. So we re-open selected past event campaign for you to hunt for you missing conquests and rewards.

ps, Thank you all for helping with the caster. They will be doing the real shooting next week. So prepare your coolest armor for standing in!

Patch Note v7.34

- Re-open ChocoHeart (Campaign) to for one week.

- Re-open SurferParadise(Campaign) to for one week.

- Re-open SummerNightTerror(Campaign) to for one week.

- Re-open ScornOfXmas(Campaign) to for one week.

- Re-open CottonMarch(Campaign) to for one week.

- All reopen arena will give out old quests as well as Event items as reward (x10 for Noobic, x15 for Humanic, x20 for Demonic and x25 for Satanic.)

- Due to a bug in our code (cannot go in with 3 players), Ranking Challenege is fixed and extended for another week. (Old score will remain.)

- Rewrite and fixed ally bar. It now should work with arena. campaign and open world.

- Add new interface scaling option: auto, small, medium, large, huge. (under GameOption -> GameDisplay)

- Change equipment rank requirements: (Uncommon: Rank5, Rare: Rank10, Epic: Rank 15, Legendary Rank 20, Satanic: Rank 25.)

- All Arena Quests requirement are reduced to end with 99 and 130 times. (

- Fixed Barbas Gun Drone not dealing damage.

- Increase XunWu's Drunken Fire passive to: Temporary adds 20% dmg to normal attack when a skill is used. (Stack up to 200%.)

- Added 5 lust armors and weapons to the game (not open yet.)

- Fixed guild nlist ot showing first two member.

- Fixed wrong Thai font display in Arena shop.

- Fixed many bad Thai translation.

- Re-light Soul Tower's War Chamber and fixed its screen shader for sharper image.

- Added new loading screens as well as updating the old ones.


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