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July 9th - Bug Squashing Patch

แพชท์แก้บั๊กมาแล้วครับ แก้ไปเยอะแต่ก็ยังเหลืออีกเยอะเช่นกัน ^^; นอกจากแก้บั๊กแล้ว แพชท์นี้ยังเพิ่มสัตว์เลี้ยงตัวใหม่อีกสองตัว เปิดฉากสะพาน Fenli เสาร์อาทิตย์ แล้วก็อัพเดทของรางวัลจากฉาก PVP ในเมืองให้ด้วยจ้า

พรุ่งนี้ lock down แล้ว ขอให้ทุกคนปลอคภัยจากโตวิตนะครับ

Patch Note v7.26

- Raid Boss Vac. Nurse is rename to Nurse Annie and open all her skill moves.

- Add new raid boss material: Annie's Cap.

- Add new pet drom from Nurse Annie. (Add light damage and light protection.)

- Add new pet drop from Nemesis. (Add dark damage and dark protection.)

- Add new Random Box as Fenli Bridge reward: Lotus Bloom.

- Add new trinket as the rarest drop from Lotus Bloom: Blue Lotus. (Add 20 magical damage and 15 MP regen)

- Add new trinket as the rarest drop from Horder Hunt's Box: Vampire Fang. (Add 30 physicaldamage and 20 HP regen.)

- Add new trinket as the rarest drop from Sakura Bonsho: Bonsho Bell. (Block 20 physical damage and 30 magical damage.)

- Add new anima drop from Sakura Box: Sakura Bonsho I-IV

- Open Fenli Bridge on Weekends.

- Add new guild role : Trainee

- Add new Guild Icon in Name Tag (Demon Slum)

- Add new Rank Icon in Name Tag (Demon Slum)

- Added ‘Remove Bot’ function in War Chamber

- Updated Rank Icon in Throne Room to correspond to actual Rank

- Fixed Rank Icon bug in war chamber

- Add Fay's water vortex's damage radius

- Fixed Object collision in Purgatory Gate

- Fixed Guild Name Display in Demon Slum

- Fixed a lot of Dialogue bugs in Dungeons

- Fixed Item Quantity Display to Max 999

- Fixed Iaron Satanic Greave Cape bug in Demon Slum

- Fixed 1st Paint Bucket bug that did not display

- Fixed Pet Effect bug that does not have effect according to their corresponding level

- Fixed friend kick system.

- Fixed Ishtar summon bug.

- Fixed Story Mode bug where players can enter higher difficulty not according to their actual Rank

- Rearrange tutorials pages.


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